Dental Office in Staten Island

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Toothache treatment Staten Island

Are you concerned that you or a loved one might urgently require a Dental Office in Staten Island? At the practice of Steven H. Brenman, DMD, we can help! With our office of kind and devoted professionals on your side, you can receive the treatment you need to recover from your ailment and return to life as usual!

Dental Office in Staten Island

At the practice of Steven H. Brenman, DMD, we understand that toothaches, trauma, and even lost fillings and crowns can create major obstacles in our patients’ lives. We’re devoted to helping break down those obstacles, providing top-tier, personalized oral care for patients of all ages so that they can find relief from their dental dilemma. That’s why our dentists are trained in cutting-edge techniques and use state-of-the-art technology to ensure that our treatments are highly effective and compassionately administered. We go the extra mile to make our care as pain-free as possible, all in an environment that’s respectful and welcoming towards patients of all ages! Our wide variety of services complete dental examinations and cleanings, regular cosmetic fillings, dental crowns and bridges, professional teeth whitening, root canals, removable dental prostheses, dental emergencies, evening appointments upon request, modern sterilization techniques, and access to our friendly staff. Call your Dental Office in Staten Island today if you’re looking for a trusted dentist who can offer you relief from your bothersome toothache. We can make sure that you receive the information, diagnosis, and treatment you need to be put on a personalized treatment path towards recovery. Suffering from oral trauma? Ask one of our dentists whether you might be a good candidate for root canal therapy, an endodontic or “tooth-saving” solution that allows patients to find relief without undergoing the pain and expense of tooth extraction and replacement. Root canal therapy involves the surgical extraction of whatever decayed or infected tooth pulp is impacting the root of the tooth. Once completed, the tooth can be preserved and sealed against future infection and decay.

Want to know more about receiving oral care for your toothache? Give us, your Dental Office in Staten Island, a call at the practice of Steven H. Brenman, DMD!