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Staten Island Best Dentist

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Dental cleanings in Staten Island

Steven H. Brenman, DMD is a Staten Island best dentist who has been serving the area with the best in care for many years, resulting in many happy patients! Our offices are open Monday through Saturday, and we offer patients dental cleanings as well as periodontal as needed. To read more about the difference bet

A periodontal cleaning by our Staten Island best dentist is done for patients who are suffering from gum disease and periodontal issues. Gum disease, gingivitis and periodontal disease can harm the gums but with proper treatments it can be alleviated. Gum disease is common and happens due to plaque and tartar buildup. A periodontal cleaning is different from a teeth cleaning. Patients who have suffered periodontal disease resulting in bone loss that creates deep gum pockets should have a periodontal cleaning to maintain proper bone health and to keep gums healthy. A procedure called a scaling can remove tartar and plaque below the gumline. This type of cleaning can be done a few times per year, but depends on the amount of plaque and tartar buildup.

At the office of our Staten Island best dentist, our friendly staff can help you feel your best. That’s why we create an atmosphere of friendliness and care, so that our patients feel at home here. We’re open Monday through Friday various hours, on Tuesday we are open until 8pm. On Saturdays we are open from 8-12pm so that our patients can also come in as needed. Call to find out hours or check our website where we have plenty of information. We also try our best to accommodate emergency appointments for those who are suffering from pain or soreness in the mouth, swelling or redness around teeth, or something has happened to their braces.

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