Staten Island Invisalign

Staten Island Invisalign

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There was a time in the not so distant past when invisible braces would have been considered material for science fiction. Today, though, you can experience the very real benefits of our Staten Island Invisalign here at the dental practice of Steven H. Brenman, DMD.

Metal braces are the traditional option, and they do a wonderful job. It’s not a lack of effectiveness with metal braces that has made our Staten Island Invisalign so popular, but the elimination of the drawbacks of them. For one thing, metal braces come with food restrictions attached. You can’t each chewy or sticky foods during your treatment because those items may get stuck in them. You also have to avoid crunchy foods, due to the possibility of your metal braces being broken by the force of them. Our Staten Island Invisalign is removable, so when you eat you just take out your aligners. Eat all your favorites. Frequent visits are required for metal braces so that adjustments can be made. The clear aligners of Invisalign need no adjustments. Simply wear a set of them for two weeks, then remove them and put in the next set, for an average total of between 18 and 36 for most people. Just come in every six weeks for a progress checkup. Also, the making of your aligners is free of messy and uncomfortable impressions. Advanced digital photos and 3D software are used instead. In fact, there is no outside dental lab needed at all. Your aligners are all made here at our office with the use of cutting-edge machinery for optimal precision. And at the top of the list, as we mentioned earlier, your aligners are invisible. Go about your normal business without any funny looks or nosy questions.

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