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Tooth Extraction Staten Island

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Dental extractions in Staten Island

Tooth extraction Staten Island
Tooth extraction Staten Island

Getting a tooth removed, or pulled, is not ideal, of course. Whenever possible, the goal is to treat a problem so that you can retain your natural tooth. Sadly, it’s not always possible. Dental extractions at the office of Steven H. Brenman, DMD are done with the utmost of gentle care. Better still, you need not be without an essential tooth. Thanks to dental implants, our dentist will replace that lost tooth and you’ll have your full smile back.

Do you have a toothache? It’s one possible sign that your tooth is in jeopardy. Another is swelling, which indicates the presence of an infection. Your tooth has natural protective layers, but when those layers are breached, the delicate inner part of your tooth becomes vulnerable. Depending on the situation, it may be remedied, such as with a filling, a crown, or with a root canal treatment. Advanced decay or un irreparable infection leads to our tooth extraction Staten Island. The surgical procedure is done under local anesthesia. You’ll be numbed sufficiently so that you don’t feel anything during. After the anesthesia wears off and you’re at home, you can and should take advantage of over-the-counter pain relief medication to take the edge off of any discomfort. It’s not unusual to have some swelling, also. If so, hold an ice pack on your face. For 24 hours from when you’ve had our tooth extraction Staten Island, you should eat only soft foods. Examples include broth, gelatin, and pudding. You don’t want to chew anything during that time. You should also rinse frequently with warm salt water for the first day.

Schedule an appointment to come in for an examination. If you need our tooth extraction Staten Island, our dentist will discuss with you the possibility of beginning your dental implant placement immediately afterward, as part of the same visit.

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